THE PLUNGE by VESSEL is a premium monolithic, pre-cast concrete plunge pool, measuring 8’6″W x 17’L x 5’D. It's designed to seamlessly fit into backyards with limited space, offering a space-saving solution without compromising on luxury.

Each Vessel arrives with pre-installed fittings, making plumbing and electrical connections to your pool equipment quick and straightforward. Our signature integrated skimmer design ensures that your pool-scape remains uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to focus on enjoying the tranquil oasis created by



Customers are thrilled with the time-savings impact of VESSEL pre-cast concrete plunge pools. Our streamlined solution allows your builder to focus on permits, sitework preparation, and then fast-forward to pool placement and hookups. We significantly shorten your construction timeline by fabricating the entire pool offsite. Once sitework is complete it is simply a matter of scheduling delivery of your new VESSEL.

Design and Layout

  1. Choose the location for your VESSEL. VESSEL plunge pools are monolithic, pre-cast concrete, and our first model, THE PLUNGE, measures 8.5’W x 17’L x 5’D. COMING SOON: THE SPA measures 8.5’L x 8.5’W x 42″D. Our signature integrated skimmer design means you don’t have to worry about where your skimmer will be located in your pool-scape.
  2. Decide installation type:
    • IN-GROUND – Traditional concrete pool installation that requires excavation and backfill.
    • MIDGROUND – Top of pool is approximately 18″ above grade (Seating height) Great for accessibility, and the pool becomes a hardscape design feature.
    • ABOVE GROUND – Great for steep lots or difficult soil conditions, can be the most time and budget friendly, requires a deck and means of entry.
  3. Find a good location for the pool equipment: Concealed from view, where volume won’t detract from your experience. Equipment can be located up to 100 feet from the pool before plumbing upgrades are necessary.
  4. Determine the most direct delivery route and identify/move existing obstacles. Your contractor will be able to help with this. Precast concrete plunge pools are an ideal solution for sites with difficult topography or access. Terrain/easements may require special considerations for craning and delivery.

Luxury Finishes: Glass Mosaics and Tile

We are excited to offer glass mosaics to customers who want the ultimate luxury plunge pool. All tile is pool-environment approved. Simply make your selection and we ship your tile to you.

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